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Sellers Beware!

I don’t know if it’s because of the TV reality shows they’ve been watching or because they’re tired of being at a disadvantage in this long lasting sellers’ market, but lately I’ve noticed a few more buyers making demands of sellers around closing time. It’s only happening in a small number of transactions, but this […]

The Broken Fridge Dilemma

It doesn’t necessarily have to be your fridge. It could be any appliance or even your furnace or air conditioner. Regardless of whether it’s your fridge or your furnace, this type of situation occurs pretty often. In fact, it occurred to clients of ours just a short while ago. Here’s what happened, followed by a […]

The Problem with Alarms

Generally speaking, alarm systems are good things. Not only do they provide you with an additional level of security, but some alarms can be programmed to alert you when dangerous situations arise, such as when there’s carbon monoxide in your home or when your basement starts to flood. You may also save on your home […]