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If Advocate Was a Pizzeria

If Advocate was a pizzeria, this is what it would look like, except with a little more style and panache. This pizzeria is in a small, medieval village about two hours southeast of Rome. The streets are paved with cobblestones. There are no cars in the village. Everyone knows everyone, including the gentleman who owns […]

Waiting for Houses

If you’ve looked for a house in central Toronto during the past twenty years, you probably have a pretty good idea of what it means to wait for a house. For most buyers, the process goes something like this: You toy with the idea of moving for a few months or even a few years. […]

How Buyers Think

I would never claim to understand how all buyers think because there are many times I don’t even understand how my own brain works, but after twenty five years in this business I’ve gained a little insight into what buyers are likely to be thinking when they look at homes. Some people might say “Who […]

How I Would Buy a House (or Condo)

Let’s pretend I’m you. Or you’re me. It doesn’t really matter. And let’s pretend you want to buy a house in central Toronto. Even with all the knowledge and experience I’ve accumulated during my 25 years in the business, buying a house won’t be a slam dunk. No question about it, buying a house in […]

Making Sense of the Market

We had just finished representing our respective buyer clients in a multiple offer situation which resulted in the sellers receiving a jaw dropping, unjustifiably high price when my Realtor friend asked me “What is happening in this market, Michael?” I’m not sure she expected an answer because I don’t think anyone really knows what’s happening, […]

Buyers’ Revolt

“It sucks to be a buyer in central Toronto these days.” While this isn’t the most elegant language, I don’t think I could’ve put it better myself. It’s too early to start throwing around words like revolution, proletariat and manifesto, but the time for those words might not be too far off. Buying a home […]

Real Estate Fun

Have you seen Everest? The movie not the mountain. I knew what to expect because I had read the book Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer which recounted the same story, but the movie was still very much worth seeing.  A couple days after seeing the movie I vaguely remembered Krakauer mentioning the name of […]

Speed Viewing

Have you ever been accused of speed viewing? Not that it’s a crime, but there have been a few times when I got the sense that someone thought I didn’t spend a sufficient amount of time looking at their home and was a little put off by that. No one’s ever said anything to me, […]

Ethics Exam

I tell people that I’m a Realtor, but I could just as easily tell them that I’m a researcher of human nature because the real estate process often reveals a person’s true character. Just like Santa, I get to find out who’s good and who’s not as good. Last week I heard two stories that […]