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Explaining the Inexplicable in Real Estate

We’ve already established that the world of real estate is weird (see Weird Real Estate Stories if you don’t believe me). It’s also unpredictable as you’ll remember from It’s Not Over Til It’s Over and some of the things that happen are downright Unbelievable But True. But apart from the things that are weird, unpredictable […]

Downsizing Finale

We’re about to reach a pivotal point in Kate and Don’s downsizing journey. They’ve been thinking about selling their home and moving to either a condo or an apartment for a while and are getting closer to making the actual decision to move, but they haven’t been ready to pull the trigger yet. If you’d […]

Living in North Toronto: Pre-School and Public School

Part 1 of this series was about how our little family ended up living in North Toronto. Basically, it was pure luck. But we didn’t have any idea how lucky we really were until Cole and Alannah were born. And Part 2 talked about the play dates, playgrounds and activities they enjoyed around the neighbourhood when they […]

Need More Space?

If you bought a home in central Toronto during the past 20 years or so, you probably made a conscious decision to choose central Toronto’s urban lifestyle over the much larger home you could have bought for the same price elsewhere. Good choice because Toronto is such a great place to live. But what happens […]

Commission Options

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that there are countless different reasons as to why people decide to hire a specific Realtor (see 1,000,000 Reasons Why People Haven’t Hired Me). But even though we’re all very different, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things we all share in common. For example, almost everyone asks “How […]