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Negotiating Tips 3

We’re now ready for part three of our negotiating trilogy. We started by looking at different negotiating styles. We then examined some responses you can use when faced with each negotiating style. In this final segment, we’ll look at what happened in some real life negotiations to hopefully pick up even more useful tips. Number […]

Negotiating Tips 2

In our last segment we talked about the different kinds of negotiating styles that you’re likely to be up against when you buy or sell your home. Today we’ll talk about some of the ways you might respond when faced with certain negotiating styles so you can negotiate the best deal possible. If you want […]

Negotiating Tips

Negotiating is a part of every real estate transaction. It’s also a very popular topic of conversation. I can guarantee you that right now, someone, somewhere is talking about their “real estate negotiation”. But what role does negotiating actually play in real estate? I’d say negotiating plays a fairly big role in real estate given […]