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Are You Overpaying?

I sit and I watch and I listen to them debate. And I wonder to myself “Can one of these guys really be President?” And then I catch myself and remember “There are as many points of view as there are people because everyone’s different. And just because someone thinks a certain way today doesn’t […]

So You Want to Renovate?

In Where’s the Value? we looked at whether you’re better off buying an older home to renovate in central Toronto or buying a home that’s already been renovated. We also looked at whether there’s money to be made doing quick reno-flips in central Toronto. Most people looking to buy a home in central Toronto these […]

Need More Space?

If you bought a home in central Toronto during the past 20 years or so, you probably made a conscious decision to choose central Toronto’s urban lifestyle over the much larger home you could have bought for the same price elsewhere. Good choice because Toronto is such a great place to live. But what happens […]