What My Clients Say

Selene and Dennis – “You made us feel like we were your only client. We know this wasn’t true, and that you are a busy man with numerous demanding clients on the go, but you never made excuses and were available 24/7 to talk to us night or day, via email, phone or in person. You always respond with lightning speed. Your level of client service is something that all professionals should strive for, not just real estate agents. You make your clients feel special and make them your top priority.”

Laura and Paul – “Last year, we interviewed four agents, hired one, listed our home and it didn’t sell. This year, after reading and hearing about you, we didn’t interview anyone. We just hired you, listed our home and sold it in four days for very close to our list price. In today’s market, when many other homes are not selling so quickly or for such good prices, this was quite an accomplishment. When a serious problem came up during the buyers’ home inspection, you cleared your schedule to handle it. With your experience, expertise and negotiation skills, you were able to make sure that our deal didn’t fall apart and that we were happy with the outcome. Thank you so much for everything you did to help us.

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