Real Estate Love Letters

If you live in central Toronto, chances are you’ve received at least one letter about selling your home in the last little while from a Realtor you don’t know. You may even have received numerous such letters from different Realtors! All of these Realtors are just doing their jobs, in most cases trying to find […]

If Advocate Was a Pizzeria

If Advocate was a pizzeria, this is what it would look like, except with a little more style and panache. This pizzeria is in a small, medieval village about two hours southeast of Rome. The streets are paved with cobblestones. There are no cars in the village. Everyone knows everyone, including the gentleman who owns […]

Waiting for Houses

If you’ve looked for a house in central Toronto during the past twenty years, you probably have a pretty good idea of what it means to wait for a house. For most buyers, the process goes something like this: You toy with the idea of moving for a few months or even a few years. […]

Sellers Beware!

I don’t know if it’s because of the TV reality shows they’ve been watching or because they’re tired of being at a disadvantage in this long lasting sellers’ market, but lately I’ve noticed a few more buyers making demands of sellers around closing time. It’s only happening in a small number of transactions, but this […]

How Buyers Think

I would never claim to understand how all buyers think because there are many times I don’t even understand how my own brain works, but after twenty five years in this business I’ve gained a little insight into what buyers are likely to be thinking when they look at homes. Some people might say “Who […]

How’s the Weather?

At some point, most of the conversations I’m involved in turn to the weather or real estate, and usually both. It’s not that I’m limited in terms of what I can talk about, at least I hope people don’t think that, but more so that these subjects are easy and good ice breakers. (If I […]

THE Most Important Thing

Selling your home now is different from what selling your home would have been earlier in the year. The rules have changed because the market has changed. We’re no longer playing the same game. One of the ways I know this is because it’s been a while since I’ve heard someone say “Any monkey can […]

Market Update – August 2017

Welcome to summer 2017. The market is typically quiet during the summer and this year is no different. I remember summers when I was a kid. The whole family would head up to my grandparents’ place in the Laurentians as soon as school ended and we’d stay up there until Labour Day afternoon. Paper thin […]

Government Action and Market Reaction: What Will the Market Do?

The Toronto real estate market is a very hot topic these days. And when people talk about the market, the hottest topic of all is “What’s the government going to do to cool things down?” Well, it looks like we’re going to find out soon enough because the government is poised to introduce measures that […]

Can You Sell Your Home Twice?

Selling your home twice is a very interesting concept, isn’t it? Especially when prices are as high as they are. Imagine being able to get twice as much money as you thought you’d get. And if you COULD sell your home twice, there might also be studies comparing sale prices of the same properties at […]

List Now or Wait for Later?

The residential real estate market in central Toronto typically slows down during the holiday season. Not because buyers decide to take a break from looking for new homes (although some do), but because sellers take a break. Who wants the stress of putting their home on the market when it’s full of decorations and guests? […]