Reckless Reporting?

It’s summer time again – sunshine, heat, long days, ice cream (my personal favourite)……and plenty of articles about the demise of the real estate market. It seems that this happens every summer. Recently, the Globe and Mail reported that “In Vancouver, the seller’s market recedes” (July 5, 2012). On another day, the headline read “Housing bubbles: Messy […]

Will Changes to Mortgage Rules Affect the Market?

What are these changes all about? Well, the real estate market has been hot. Everyone knows that. The government is concerned that a major correction in the real estate market, if one does occur, will have negative consequences for the entire economy. To prevent a major correction from happening, the government has implemented a few changes […]

Real Estate Yoga

There’s already laughing yoga, smiling yoga, hot yoga, naked yoga and countless other types of yoga, so why not real estate yoga? I’m not kidding, but I’m not suggesting you start doing headstands on your roof. I’ve been selling real estate for over 20 years and practicing yoga for over 16 years and I take […]

Spring Market Forecast

It’s too early to determine exactly what will happen when the spring market arrives in March, but early signs indicate that it will likely be a strong one. There weren’t a lot of new homes that came on the market in January, which is typical for this time of year, but the good homes that […]

First Blog Ever!

My very first blog posting. Very exciting. I’m dedicating this blog to all those people who want to make sure they don’t make costly mistakes when buying or selling their homes and will attempt to fill it with useful tips learned from real life situations. While I specialize in homes and condos of all prices […]